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Bank Payment Method Transaction Limit (RM) Transaction Timeline
Minimum Maximum
Online/ATM/CDM/ iBank88 30.0 50,000.00 5 Minutes

Bank Payment Method Transaction Limit (RM) Transaction Timeline
Minimum Maximum
All Bank Online 50.0 50,000.00 10 Minutes

  • Depositor name must be the same as the registered name on your LV88 account.
  • All Online Banking/ATM/CDM deposit must claim within 24 hours after deposited, unclaimed deposit within timeframe will be forfeited.
  • Your deposit is subject to one time rollover and or otherwise stated by LV88 that such rollover restriction is waived. You need to satisfy on the one time rollover requirement before you can request for a withdrawal. If the value of the deposit is not played through in full before a withdrawal is requested, and if you has claimed any bonuses during the promotion, where LV88 will deduct any bonuses that you claimed from the promotions, winnings, and LV88 may charge payment fees when processing your withdrawal request. If necessary, the value of the withdrawal amount maybe reduced accordingly.
  • The system will reject your withdrawal request if the value of the deposit is not played and or satisfy on the rollover requirement before a withdrawal is requested.
  • Deposit into your account may incur charges from your bank, financial institution and or third-party payment provider. You agree to bear all the deposit transaction fee and or otherwise stated and informed by LV88 that such transaction fee is bear by LV88 when depositing into your account.
  • You should only deposit money into your betting account for the purpose of you to place bets on the website. LV88 will suspend or close your account if we reasonably consider or have reason to believe that you have violated any of LV88 Terms and Conditions and/or believe that you have any intention to act fraudulent on LV88 website or other alternative/given URLs. In such circumstances, we shall be entitled to forfeit or claim and/or debit any winnings, bonus promotion, rebates, rewards and transaction fees from your account.
  • If mistakenly credit or duplicate transaction where your deposit value increase due to the incorrect credit due to human error, technical and/or system error, LV88 without prejudice to use other remedies to claim and deduct the extra value credited into your account. Where you have already used the extra value or withdrawn from an account that does not belong to you, LV88 reserve the rights to claim from the debt owed by you to LV88.
  • Withdrawal can only be made in the name of and to the registered account holder.
  • Maximum withdrawal can be made is 3 times per day.
  • Where possible, all withdrawals request will be processed to the payment account from which the deposits were made unless otherwise stated and informed by LV88.
  • You need to login into their account and select withdrawal on the website. Withdrawal submission is subject to your account is sufficient funds at the time of request.
  • The requested withdrawal amount shall be debited from your account upon submission. Click on "cancel" under the withdrawal if you wish to cancel on your withdrawal request before L88 processed your transaction. No withdrawal cancellation can be submitted thereafter from you should the withdrawal transaction have been made and on the way to your bank account and/or your preferred mode.
  • LV88 reserve the right to cancel, claim and charge you for the relevant amounts incurred if we incur any chargeback.
  • L88 may request identification and valid documents in perform due diligence in respect to withdrawal request.
  • Withdrawals can incur charges depending on your preferred choice or method. LV88 does not charge you any withdrawal fee. You should be advice to check from your own bank account if there is any handling fee being incur.
  • Withdrawal for member who claims for promotion will take more than 30 minutes to process for some verification checking purpose